Discover nearby locations to order from.


Browse the menu and select food and drink.

Customer Orders

Customers add items to the basket before proceeding to the checkout where they can order & pay.

Store Accepts

The store tablet notifies staff of an incoming order.

Order Confirmation and Guidance

Once accepted, the customer is informed and a timer counts down to when their order will be ready.

Customer Earns Rewards

The customer arrives in store to collect their waiting items at the collection point, having automatically earned their loyalty points.

Customer Benefits


Time saving


Payment and loyalty automatically handled through the app


App prioritises menu items and curates incentives for each customer based on their order history

Retailer Benefits

Increased Revenue

Customers shop more often and spend more during each shop

Reduced costs

Increased staff efficiency (reduced time-to-serve) and automation


Understand who your customers are and how they behave (where and when they shop and what they buy)