Customer Scans Items

Customer grabs an item from the shelf, then scans the barcode to upload to their e-basket.

Customer Pays Via App

When the customer has uploaded all the desired items to their e-basket, customer pays using the payment method the customer has linked to their account.

Customer Walks Out

The customer receipt is automatically generated on their app; if a customer has not paid, our theft-proof technology will sound an alarm when they attempt to walk out.

Customer Earns Rewards

The customer earns rewards automatically.

Customer Benefits


Time saving


Payment and loyalty automatically handled through the app


App prioritises menu items and curates incentives for each customer based on their order history

Retailer Benefits

Increased Revenue

Customers shop more often and spend more during each shop; space dedicated to checkouts can now be allocated to more product

Reduced costs

No need for checkouts or checkout staff


Understand who your customers are and how they behave (where and when they shop and what they buy)